Storm Damage Restorations and Repairs in Katy, TX.

Extreme weather can devastate homes and businesses alike. Storm damage can range from a few missing shingles to complete destruction, and everything in between. As soon as damage occurs you should contact a professional immediately to reduce the chance for additional damages. Waiting to respond to storm damages can create even bigger problems for your home or business including structural damage and risk of mold growth if water is present. Amazing Renovations can assist you in safely securing your property, assessing the storm damages, and beginning the process of cleaning up and restoring your property to its former glory.

How can storms or hail damage my home or business?

Often during strong storms or hailstorms the roof will suffer damage. If not repaired immediately you risk additional damage to the interior of the building. However, temperamental weather can damage more than just your roof -- siding, gutters, windows, doors, soffit and fascia may also be damaged or completely separated from the property.

Will insurance cover the damages to my property?

Often homeowner’s insurance will cover losses and damages caused by storms and other extreme weather. Amazing Renovations can work directly with your insurance company to inspect the property, assess damages, and take pictures. We can also bill your insurance company directly, making the whole process easier for you.

Amazing Renovations has the expertise and trade knowledge to restore your home or business completely to your satisfaction. No job is too small or big. Call today for a professional assessment of your property damage.